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Energy Service Corps is a joint project between CALPIRG and AmeriCorps. CALPIRG, (CAL for California, and PIRG for Public Interest Research Group) is a student-directed non-profit organization working across California with college students to tackle over use of dirty energy this school year. We’re starting by educating kids, ensuring that the next generation understands about energy, the environment and what they can do to create a better world! We’re also getting out to help their parents and neighbors save energy and save money through quick energy surveys to help them find savings and connect them to local resources. And to get communities started, we’ll help local shelters and community centers start saving right now, by organizing volunteers to come together to seal up cracks around windows and doors, change out old light-bulbs and do other hands-on projects to stop energy waste right away.

Our interns take on leadership roles in every aspect, and our volunteers help them achieve our goals along the way – from teaching local school children fun and interactive lessons about energy and the environment, to leading energy surveys of local buildings, and bringing together community groups, VIPs, volunteers and the media around big service projects. Members forge partnerships with community and faith-based groups, meet with local and state officials to encourage their participation in community projects, contact the media to write about energy efficiency and adapt educational activities to fit the needs of local communities and to appeal to a wide range of age groups – all in an effort to foster long-term community stewardship and increase energy efficiency across California.

This year alone, our ESC members will educate 30,000 kids and arm 7,500 people with the tools they need to save energy & the environment. At the 5Cs, we are working to reach that goal by teaching 3,000 K-12 student in the local Claremont area and survey 300 homes and public buildings and give them tips on how to save energy, save the environment, and save money all at the same time!

5C students have an opportunity to become interns and apply and get college credit! If interested in getting involve contact your Campus Organizer Melanie at

If interested in volunteering, interning, or just curious to find out more information contact our 5C Campus Organizer, Melanie at
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