Native Plants

The Ralph Cornell Society is Pomona College’s native landscaping club.

We design and plant gardens using Southern California plants that need very little water after they are first established.

Our philosophy is best embodied by the following quotation:
Plant a dry ground park. Use native plants already accustomed to the semi-arid conditions of our soil and climate. Such a park would be at once unique and individual; it would be decidedly typical and distinctive of California; it would be a delight alike to the student, the botanist, the sight-seer and nature lover, each in his own way. There is no limit to the end that might be attained with such a park, if it were properly conducted.

Email for more information and to get involved with our plantings.

“The flame of enthusiasm [for native plants], once kindled, will carry one far along the road to happiness, as he [or she] bears aloft the torch of his [or her] own illumination.”

-Ralph Cornell