Pomona for Environmental Activism and Responsibility (PEAR) is the main environmental group on Pomona’s campus.  Originally founded in 2006 under the name Campus Climate Challenge (CCC) club, inspired by and part of the national Campus Climate Challenge movement, the club worked with students and the school administration with the goal of reducing Pomona’s greenhouse gas emissions. More recently club members have recognized that the organization stands for much more than climate change action, and the new name reflects the commitment to environmental justice and the many other causes that are necessary to ensure a just and sustainable world.

Each semester PEAR attempts to increase student awareness of environmental issues on campus through a myriad of campaigns and events.  Examples of projects include “Power Down: Battle of the Dorms,” a competition between residence halls to reduce energy consumption, and “Tray-less Tuesdays,” a campaign to cut down on food waste by taking away trays in dining halls.

Mission statement:

“PEAR seeks to challenge students and administrators to think critically about the impact of their everyday actions on the environment and its communities. PEAR tackles environmental issues holistically, and remains open to a broad definition of environmentalism. Our goal is to promote individual and institutional changes through grassroots activism.”

Meeting time: Thursdays 6PM, Frary Dining Hall Pomona College


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