Students for the Bernard Field Station

Students for the Bernard Field Station (SBFS) is a five colleges group dedicated to protecting an undeveloped field station for the use of students of all ages.

The club was formed in response to the Claremont College consortium’s plan to develop part of the BFS. We are opposed to any plans to develop this land and are in favor of retaining it as a valuable academic resource, an aesthetically pleasing part of Claremont, a culturally and historically important site for Native Americans of the area, and an ecologically important space for many plants and animals and an endangered ecosystem.

We invite students from all the colleges and all the disciplines to help us organize and promote awareness about this valuable resource. We hold events throughout the year such as movie screenings, tours, work days, and participate in research projects at the BFS.

Bernard Field Station

Meetings: 9 p.m. on Wednesdays upstairs in the Grove-House (also known as the Eco-center)

Contact: Liza Baskir ()