Harvey Mudd

Environmental Analysis is considered an Off-Campus Major at Harvey Mudd.  Students wishing to major must follow the below guidelines for completing an off-campus major, and should use the model provided by Pitzer College. Also, students should consult the HMC Center for Environmental Studies which offers potential academic programs, clinic programs, and research opportunities.

Off-Campus Major

HMC students may choose to complete an off-campus major (OCM) at one of the other Claremont Colleges in order to satisfy the “major” component of the curriculum. In this case, the student must also complete a minor in one of the Harvey Mudd College major-granting departments, along with all other graduation requirements, including the Common Core, the Integrative Experience, and the program in Humanities and Social Sciences.

An off-campus major is overseen by the Vice President and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Robert Cave, who can provide interested students with information About the application process. Since the requirements of the other colleges may be less than the HMC requirements for an OCM (ten courses), it is important that the student begin this consultation early.

All students taking off-campus majors will be required to write a senior thesis or engage in some approved capstone experience (e.g., research, Clinic, internship). In cases where courses in the off-campus major overlap with either or both of the HMC humanities and social sciences concentration or the HMC minor, up to four overlapping courses may be allowed to satisfy more than one of these departmental graduation requirements. Students are not allowed to seek off-campus majors that are offered as on-campus majors.