Major Requirements

The major consists of three sets of requirements:

1) An Introductory Core: set of three courses (EA 10, 20, 30L)

2) A Concentration: There are two Concentrations in EA from which a student must select one in which to develop a “course plan.” For course plan guidance, select one of the two concentrations, and scroll down to see some of the current options:

a) Environmental Science

b) Society and the Environment

3) Senior Capstones:

a) Senior thesis (EA191): The senior thesis is required of all PO EA majors and is traditionally a fall-semester project; if a student achieves an A in the course he or she will be considered for Honors. In special circumstances the thesis can be extended to a year-long course.

b) Senior Seminar (Ea 190): All seniors are required to successfully complete the seminar in the spring semester, which is framed around team-based, client-driven projects.

Course List

For a full list of courses in the EA program at Pomona, see the course list.

Minor Requirements

The EA minor consists of 7 courses:

  • The Introductory Core: EA 10, 20, 30
  • Four other environmentally focused courses selected in consultation with their advisers.