Ann Davis (PO)

Ann Davis


Office: Pearsons 210 (Pomona)

Phone: 909.607.1695


Specialty Interests

Bioethics; Ethics; Evil; Morality; Abortion Debate


B.A., University of California, Berkeley

Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

EA Courses Taught

Philosophy 36: Values and the Environment
Concerned with humans’ place in and responsibility for the “natural world.” Topics will include: the moral status of non-human animals and non-animate beings, the environmental consequences of our reliance on industrialized agriculture and biotechnology, the social and psychological factors that stand in the way of our making “green”’ choices, the desirability and possibility of our formulating a coherent and compelling “global ethic.”

Philosophy 38: Bioethics
Focuses on issues and themes that arise in our reflections about the conduct of scientific research and the application of its results and about the nature and practice of medicine. Specific issues will vary from year to year. One year we may explore the conceptual underpinnings that help us understand and assess the efficacy and morality of medical treatment. Another year, the orientation of the course may be a more policy-centered one.

Recent Publications

  • “Moral Dilemmas," in A Companion to Applied Ethics (R.G. Frey and C. Wellman, eds., Blackwell's, 2003)
  • "Fiddling Second" (a discussion of Judith Jarvis Thomson's "A Defense of Abortion" ) in Fact and Value (Byrne, Stalnaker and Wedgwood, eds., MIT Press, 2003)
  • "Abortion" in The Encyclopedia of Ethics (Becker and Becker, eds., Garland Publishing, 2 ed., 2001)
  • "Not Drowning but Waving: Reflections on Swimming Through the Shark-Infested Waters of the Abortion Debate," in Advances in Bioethics, Vol. 2 (Edwards and Bittar, eds., JAI Press, 1997)
  • “Moral Implications of the Rise in the Incidence of Multiple-Fetus Pregnancies and Multiple-Child Births: Some Reservations about the Implications of Fertility Enhancement and Pregnancy Reduction," The Annual Review of Law and Ethics, vol. 9, 2001
  • "The Abortion Debate: The Search for Common Ground, Part 2," Ethics, 103, 731-778, July 1993
  • "The Abortion Debate: The Search for Common Ground, Part 1" (in part a critical review of "Contested Lives" by Faye Ginsburg and "Abortion: The Clash of Absolutes" by Laurence Tribe), Ethics, 103, 516-539, April 1993; "Morality and Biotechnology," Southern California Law Review, 65, 355-371, 1991